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Escape the time warp of being frazzled - Yoga during the day to become more productive in the workp


At some point or another, we have all experienced within our work life that feeling of being overwhelmed, overworked & flat out frazzled.

You feel that ever familiar tightness in your chest, your mind is scattered & racing so much that you cannot even structure a sentence properly to send that basic email reply to your manager who has been asking for it since yesterday. You are so consumed with your workload with so much to do, minimal support & not enough time.

All you can do is hope that your shoulders hugging around your ears as you slouch forward will make you work faster & reach that deadline but you are stuck in a time warp of stress, tension, fatigue & your productivity & motivation is decreasing by the minute….

Here’s what you need to do…GET UP, walk away from your desk, step outside, STRETCH & breathe…

I know, I know, you don’t have time right? WRONG! By taking a break to stretch the body & re-focus you will actually be more productive when you return to your desk. Here’s how:

Yoga heals Ipaditis (yes this is a true illness!) When you sit for prolonged periods of time with slouching posture, rounding shoulders up around your ears & chin poking forward, you are placing a lot of tension on your cervical spine as you place your upper body in a position of constant spinal flexion. This can lead to tension headaches, upper back & neck pain. When you are in pain & uncomfortable it is hard to concentrate, your attention span can become shorter & you inevitably become irritable & less motivated. Your breathing may also become restricted as you compress your diaphragm through slouching resulting in a feeling of hazy brain. By stepping away to stretch your chest, shoulders & neck, not only will your body feel better but you will also shake that brain fog.

A short yoga break will also increase your mood & mind set… which can be very handy particularly when dealing with your nagging manager or irritating


By sitting at a desk for prolonged periods, staring at a computer screen under fluorescent lighting with phones ringing & constant noise around you, your sensory system & nerves can become over stimulated.

As your nervous system becomes over stimulated, it is hard to concentrate on a single task & you will become more stressed & anxious which can inevitably result in less productivity or poor quality of work.

Have you ever experienced a door suddenly closing in the office & you jump ten feet into the air or that feeling when the phone rings & you jump so much you knock over your double soy espresso??

This is result of your senses & nerves being over stimulated & is a great reason to step outside into nature or a quiet space and take a few deep breaths.

By taking a few deep breaths & giving your senses the opportunity to let go & focus in on one thing only for a few moments (the breath) you will instantly begin to calm the nervous system, feel more energized & calmer. This can then help you continue on with your work more efficiently & make better business decisions with a rational mind -set.

Yoga also helps to develop strength & resilience – both physically in the body & in the mind. This can help you deal with whatever situation may arise within the office – particularly useful for when you are about to walk out the door at 5pm & your not so favorite client calls requesting something yesterday…

When you are calm, happy & healthy, you feel empowered, ooze confidence & positivity – a great way to help you get the most out of your days at work & a sure fire way to get you noticed by your manager when your next work place review comes around!

So, tomorrow instead of sitting in that time warp at your desk, get up, move, breathe & get your yoga on to become more productive, happy, confident & calm.

Wishing you health & happiness.

‘Revitalise with Rebecca’

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