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Inspirational Women Series - Introducing Dr Andrea Robertson


As part of my new inspirational series, I will be interviewing strong, fit women embracing Pilates & Yoga from all accross Adelaide & sharing in their storis of success, health & happiness.

This new series is designed to motivate you to Re-energise & Revitalise to take hold of your health & happiness, find strength, confidence & happiness by moving your body & taking time out for yourself.

Personally,I believe it is extremely important to work closely with a trusted Allied Health professional to understand the diagnosis of the condition of the body so I can tailor personalised programs to compliment their treatment to help my students & clients rehabilitate & revitalise.

Here we meet Dr Andrea Robertson, founder of Southside Osteopathy, Xtend Barre extroadinnaire, Yoga teacher, author, dancer & downright beautiful person.

  • Describe what being healthy, fit & strong mean to you?

To feel good in your own body, to have energy to do the things you love, and to have enough fitness and calmness to be able to breathe deeply when stressed or exercising!

  • What was the catalyst that inspired you towards Osteopathy?

As a young dancer, I was treated by an osteopath to keep me on my toes. I was inspired to learn more, and have loved Osteopath every step of the way.

  • As an Osteopath, what are some of the most common injuries or ailments you see as a result of our busy lifestyles?

I see so many people in a state of sympathetic overload, and/or chronic inflammation in their bodies. It comes from rushing too much, trying to fit too many things into not enough hours, not resting and relaxing enough, and not eating well. There are many things we can do as an Osteopath to help with these symptoms/situations, both with hands on treatment, and with lifestyle and dietary advice.

  • What are your suggestions for someone experiencing regular lower back pain particularly during the day?

See an osteopath, make sure you move, stretch and do some sort of exercise you love regularly.

  • What role do you believe does Pilates &/or Yoga play in injury prevention & rehabilitation

Pilates is so wonderful for strength and stability, both of which are often facilitated or reduced during injury, and yoga is wonderful for flexibility and strength, again both of which are often reduced during injury.

  • How important is it for your clients to move their bodies on a regular basis & to focus on connecting with breath?

VERY important. If there was a magic pill that helped 80% of the chronic health conditions we see in society today, it would be called ‘exercise and breathing deeply’ on a regular basis.

  • You are an expert on & have a great passion for my friend fascia. Can you please explain how releasing fascia around the internal organs can assist with chronic pain?

Ohhh…Fascia, such a wonderful and often ignored part of the body. Fascia is the connective tissue that surrounds all our organs and muscles and connects each part of the body with every other part of the body. If there is an old chronic injury or scar tissue in one body part, ie around the liver, then that can influence as far away as the shoulder or leg, causing symptoms in this area. Looking holistically at the fascia allows ‘unusual’ symptoms to often make sense and therefore allow for specific treatment and healing.

  • What are your suggestions on how to maintain focus on exercise & health for Professionals like yourself who are juggling many balls?

Find something you love, and schedule it into your diary.

  • Finish this sentence…’I revitalise by……………..’

Doing either Xtend Barre and Yoga at group classes, and/or Pranayama (breathing exercises), and Yoga Nidra (Meditation exercises) at home daily.

  • You recently published your book ‘ The Nutrition Detective Solution’, what was your inspiration for this?

To help my clients and their friends demystify some of the information around nutrition. There are so many diets and so many different food theories, that if only one was correct, there would only be one diet. Therefore, I wanted to compile lots of nutritional information all into one spot to allow clients to make wise, educated and healthy food choices that would be lifetime lifestyle changes rather than a one off diet.

  • What is your favourite winter warming food?

Kitchari (a great lentil, rice, veggie dish that is full of fresh ginger and turmeric).

  • Congratulations on recently completing your Yoga studies. How important do you believe is the link between managing chronic pain & calming the nervous system via yoga?

Yoga is wonderful for this. It really allows the sympathetic nervous system to relax and calm down. Taking time to stretch, increase the blood supply into the organs, and breathe deeply has so many benefits on so many levels.

  • As a dancer, what is your favourite Pilates exercise or Yoga Pose?

Favourite Pilates Pose – clams – it’s so good for pelvic stability.

Favourite Yoga Pose – Vrikshasana ,Tree Posture. It takes such single pointed focus to keep the posture strong and balanced.


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