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Start Your Day with Sun Salutations

When it’s cold outside, Sun Salutations are a great way to warm up & awaken the body, improve spinal mobility & gain clarity & energy for the day ahead.

Try this sequence 5-10 times each morning to have you feeling toasty & seeing the bright side of life:

- Starting in Tadasna with feet hip distance apart.

- Inhale to sweep hands overhead to prayer

- Exhale to hinge from the hips with a bend in knees to fold forward

- Inhale to your halfway lift with flat back & broad shoulders

- Exhale plant both palms on the mat, step back to plank on your knees or toes (holding here for 1-3 breaths)

- Inhale to hold

- Exhale to chaturunga for 3 counts down

- Inhale to baby cobra, cobra or updog as you lift the chest & open your heart (you choose what feels right for you )

- Exhale to downward facing dog (holding here for 5 breaths, maybe walking through the feet, nodding the head, finding length here however feels right)

- Inhale to bend the knees, get springy & look forward

- Exhale to step, jog or float to top of mat

- Inhale to half way lift

- Exhale to fold forward

- Inhale press firmly through all 4 corners of the feet to sweep hands overhead to marry them in prayer

- Exhale return hands to heart in Tadasana.

Smile, breath & then repeat.

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