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STOP Whatever you're doing right now…and take 2 minutes to practice this stress relieving

Stop right now!


In our busy lifestyles of today, our sensory system is in constant overload, always stimulated by something. Whether it is the background noise of the TV, car radio, fluorescent lights at the office, iPad, laptop or mobile phones.

Overstimulation of our senses can eventually impact our nervous system, causing us to be anxious, stressed, on edge, highly strung, sleep deprived and can eventually lead to chronic illness.

SO, stop whatever you're doing right now and take just 2 minutes to practice this simple relaxation exercise to help calm the senses.

Make yourself comfortable either sitting upright in your chair with palms facing upwards in your lap, or lie down in a comfortable supported position in a quiet place and close your eyes.

Take a moment to firstly give yourself permission to switch off for a few moments and simply take some time out for you.

Start by simply observing your breath.

As you start to watch the rise and fall of the body with the breath. Where is the breath choosing to flow to? What is the temperature of the breath? Simply notice any special characteristics of the breath.

Then start to observe your sense of touch.

Can you feel your lower back supported by the chair or your mat?

Perhaps you observe the cool air blowing over your exposed skin, your fringe on your face, the clothes resting on your skin. Can you feel the blood rushing below your skin as the muscles begin to relax?

Simply feel into your body.

Now, focus on your sense of taste.

What can you taste right now, if anything at all?

What sensations are there within your mouth?

What can you smell around you? If anything?

Perhaps you observe the natural flare of the nostrils with each inhale and exhale.

Tune into your ears and take them for a walk around the room.

What sounds resonate with you? What can you hear?

Now walk your ears back inside your body, as you connect back to your breath, can you hear your heart beating for you and the sound of your own breath?

Simply sit with this for a moment, taking easy inhale and exhales before slowly bringing movement back into your body by circling the wrists and ankles then gradually open your eyes.

Have a great afternoon!

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