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Revitalise Health and Wellness is a mobile provider of Wellness Services. 

With a mission to inspire organisations and individuals to acheive

health, fitness and business goals through providing mobile wellness services to Workplaces, Retirement Villiages and groups.

Offering Yoga classes, Pilates classes, Stress & Pain Management Workshops,  Posture Assessments and tailored individual programs. 

"Yoga and Pilates has given me a different view of excercise.

It has given me increased energy, improved physical & mental strength, eased my pain, quitened my busy mind, taught me to be empowered & listen to the body." 

Rebecca aims to inspire others to health, happiness and business success through combining her skills within fitness and corporate services together with sharing her personal health experience and passion for Yoga and Pilates.


Energetic and passionate about health

and fitness, Bec believes in a holistic approach to 'mind body health and lifestyle' 


As a Yoga Teacher, Pilates & Barre

Instructor and Personal Trainer, Rebecca

has inspired and coached many clients

to overcome stress related illness, pain,

and injury through tailored excercise programs incorporating Yoga, Pilates, Strength and Conditioning, goal setting

and relaxation techniques. 


With a background in Marketing,

Business, Consulting and Recruitment,

Bec understands the pressures of life

within the workplace. She also understands the pressures of managing work with family life and the challenge this can bring to

being healthy, energised and fit. Bec strongly believes in the role that Yoga & Pilates can play in leading a balanced

and healthy lifestyle.


After falling unexceptedly ill in 2010 and undergoing varying treatments, Bec returned to Yoga & Pilates as a part of her rehabilitation from multiple surgeries and pain and soon reaped the benefits as her body and mind began to strengthen through her regular practice. 


Attributing regular Pilates, Yoga and meditation to her increased health, Bec made the switch from Corporate to the Wellness industry & completed her studies in Vinyasa Flow, Core Yoga & Barre to add to her portfolio of Pilates & fitness qualifications and now hopes to inspire others to find the health, passion, physical and mental strength that she has found through exploring Yoga and Pilates.

Throughout classes, Bec & her team love to share fun and laughter while educating & empowering you to understand the movements of the body while still providing a practice that will challenge the body and ease the mind.

If you are looking to be an employer of choice & update your Workplace Wellness Plan to motivate your staff, improve absenteeism & increase staff productivity, Revitalise Health & Wellness' tailored

Work Place Yoga & Pilates classes will

do the trick.

Searching for inspiration for Professional Development ideas, Team Building days

or Leaderhip meetings?


Rebecca's educational stress management, pain management workshops & posture clinic are a certain way to motivate & inspire.

Passionate about Active Ageing, increasing independence & mobility & improving the quality of life, Rebecca's various Yoga, Pilates, Relaxation & Stretch classes can be tailored to suit you & your friends needs at your Retirement Villiage.


Whether it be juggling parenting or work with physical activity, managing a team of de-motivated employees, fighting absenteeism, looking for active ageing ideas, experiencing chronic pain & tension, feeling stressed & anxious or simply looking to try something new, the Revitalise Health & Wellness tailored wellness solutions can help you.


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